Here are a few tidbits from the large banquet table of books found in ARHS library, the physical and intellectual center of our school. The real student will not be satisfied with the few directions teachers can give in a semester and will be seeking to fill in the gaps.

Global History students can find support and extend. Even if the province does not require Ancient or European history, you should not be fooled into thinking it irrelevant.

The following “Introducing” series are in comic book format, but they give a quick entry into some of the most difficult and vital ideas necessary for an education. Go try a couple.

Carl Jung - student of Freud and mentor to the counter culture of the Sixties. 

Vladimir Lenin - hero to the intellectual classes of the Thirties. 

The Holocaust – a term now replacing “fascist” as the most over-abused term. 

Eastern Philosophy - the enduring spirit of religious thought.

- patron saint of Idealists.

William Shakespeare – inventor of the modern human, (according to Harold Bloom). 

Romanticism – an attitude worth understanding and recognizing. 

Critical Theory – attitudes that one has to understand so as to defend belief itself

– the love of wisdom. 

Existentialism – the art of making something out of nothing.

Albert Camus – the world is absurd – learn to love it. 

James Joyce – 20th century genius, author of Ulysses and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Someone once guessed Shakespeare’s IQ at 230. It might be worth crawling around in such a mind.

Such a world of resources!