Here is the class of grade 11 students who put this magazine together. As a first time project, Cybercloth appears rather later than had been hoped. These students are now in grade 12. They are a remarkable group of students. Contributions and effort varied among the students, but this was largely due to their teacherís inexperience in producing an internet magazine, and he apologizes to any who feel under-involved with this issue. With luck, the second issue will arrive more easily.

Jenny Calder (front wall)
Nicole Burke
Angela Creighton
Lindsay Skabar
Alyscia Warner (front)
Michelle Elliot (hiding)
Keelie Munroe
Colleen Hunter
(Last two boys):
Adam Fage
Jeremy DeJong

From Far Row:

Dane Smith
Pam Chappell
Nathalie Cormier
Greg Bishop
Jodie Waalderbos
Front: Ian Cormier
Patrick Herniak
Krista Everill
Far back: James Grady
Front: Justin St. Onge
MacKenzie Marshall
Dawson McWade
Jseeica Wile
Front: Ennis Al-Assaad
Greg Lockhart

Reclaiming the lost:

Far back: Greg Rodger
White shirt: Jonathan Imber
Two halves under the books:
Megan Marshall and yes, 
last (always) but never least:
Michael Harris
Missing: Tristan Gray