The following examples of student writing serve as samples of the intelligence, earnestness, sensibility, and skill of our grade 12 students. These are some of the best examples of e-mail responses made to readings found on ( or journal responses to assigned books), but they only suggest the larger avalanche of always thoughtful, and usually well written, responses from the bulk of grade 12 graduating students. It is easy to decry the frightful state of student literacy, but given the opportunity to grapple with fine expression of stimulating issues, students have much to say, and find ways to say it well. 


Angela Creighton on D. H. Lawrence


Ennis Al-Assaad on Jacques Barzun


Greg Rodger on James Joyce


Jodie Waalderbos on e e cummings


Keelie Munroe on Annie Dillard


Kristy Hill on John Keats


Laura Smith on Philip Larkin


Nicole Bird on David Solway


Shilah Wolchuk on Stephen Pinker


Tristan Gray on George Orwell