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    Advanced English 12

    Advanced 12 English is an Honours English Course at ARHS which offers students of proven ability(80%+) and motivation (it is optional) a chance to test more fully their talents. This course (like 441) is a "survey of English literature" course which intoduces the student to a sizeable number of literary landmarks. In addition to a selection of fifty or so poems, the novels Heart of Darkness and Great Expectations, a thorough review of the language of grammar, a shortcourse in personal essay writing, a Shakespeare play, and research essay writing, the Honours course requires outside reading in a chosen poet (e.g. Keats, Browning, Blake, Hopkins, Frost) and in four other novels: Lawrence's Sons and Lovers; Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge; Joyce's Portrait of the Artist; as well, a modern choice from a list of suggested titles. Both "outside" portions require a)critical readings b) seminar session after school and c) a journal to record responses to all of this. This "outside" portion is marked satisfactory or not, with an accompanying 15% or 0% for a mark. In one semester, this is strenuous work, especially for students with jobs, committee work or heavy personal responsibilities. Students should expect to work hard, but also reap the rewards that must inevitably come from rubbing shoulders with great art.

    "Someone said: 'The dead writers are remote from us because we know so much more than they did.' Precisely, and they are that which we know." - T.S.Eliot Tradition and the Individual Talent

    Grade 12 English Net-Work

    I have tried to include only those entries to this website which I feel have real value. I have made my biases fairly clear ("worn them on my sleeve for daws to peck at") and if you feel your approach to literary criticism is closer to the now increasingly dated "postmodern" family of critical approaches, or if you would just like to know more about what these approaches are, you could look at this entry on the types of critical theory: Theory page.

    Here the bias is the other way, but the definitions of the critical methods should give a general sense of direction.

    By January 07, midnight, I would like every student to have READ AND RESPONDED TO ONE entry from Five of the following six pages:

  • Personal Essay
  • Poetry
  • Literary Criticism
  • Books
  • Grammar and Language
  • Education
  • In addition you must read and respond to ONE entry from

    Arts and Letters Daily

    In total, then, you must have submitted a total of 6 responses by January 07. (also:you must have 3 completed by Nov. 1)
    You must e-mail me your response at bbauld@ns.sympatico.ca (hitting the reply button is the easiest way).

    Address your responses this way: in the "subject" space put:
    "Jane Doe-Grammar" or "John Doe-Books" etc.

    Your RESPONSE to the article which you choose to read should be around 250 words. You should give an honest reaction to what you have read, but also an intelligent one which shows how closely you have read the piece. This might require that you read the piece more than once. If you have something "beyond your years", keep looking - there is much which is accessible. Please remember that I will ask you to do a response over if it is inadequate. Hint: I have chosen the pieces because they are thoughtful, knowledgeable, and well written. Please look again if you are unable to see these qualities. The better response are always those which deal in specifics.

    For information on the Advanced Placement English Literature Exam please see me, but also peruse the sample questions and answers, and teachers' grading samples, found at the following:
    Advanced Placement English Literature
    This is an excellent opportunity to
    a) test yourself against a continent of capable English students
    b) earn an exemption from a first year course in university and in many cases a credit
    c) extend your own abilities through some paractice in close reading
    The exam is always in mid May and costs in the neighborhood of $100, some of which has, so far, been subsidized by the school. I am available to work with you for as much as you have the appetite.

    Curriculum resources for Grade 12 English

  • Notes for Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon period

  • Notes for Chaucer and the Middle Ages

  • Notes for the English Renaissance & 17th Century

  • Notes for King Lear (bbauld)
  • Quotes from King Lear (bbauld)

  • Practice Grammar Sentences
  • Grammar Test Form
  • Selected answers to "Practice Grammar Sentences"

    441/541 Poetry: Elizabethan to Romantic

    441/541 Poetry: Victorian to Modern

    Robert Browning's "Fra Lippo Lippi"
    Art as Prophecy in"Fra Lippo Lippi"
    Robert Browning's "Andre Del Sarto
    Several pictures of the painter Fra Lippo Lippi and Andrea de Sartoa>

    Miller's Tale Prologue
    Miller's Tale

    Pardoner's Tale Prologue
    Pardoner's Tale

    Wife of Bath's Tale Prologue
    Wife of Bath's Tale

    Read here an account of the Murder of Thomas a Becket

    Grade 10

    This course will cover an assortment of subjects and activities. You will (a preliminary list):

  • read 2 novels for class discussion. (Who Has Seen the Wind and To Kill A Mockingbird).
  • read a selection of outstanding Short Stories
  • study a selection of poems
  • make presentations to the class on literary topics
  • debate an issue under formal rules
  • learn how to read and describe a sentence grammatically
  • use the internet and e-mail
  • learn to love a Shakesperian play (Julius Caesar)
  • Compose poems/stories, write essays, memorize, work in groups, meditate singly, build web pages, publish on the internet-as required by me or as the spirit moves you.
  • [I hope to get much of what you will need to know on this web page. For example, a poetry assignment is now posted (but no due date):
    Grade 10 Poetry Recitation Guidelines

    Grade 9&10 Advanced Reading Program

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    For several years now we have been offering an "advanced reading" component to the grade nine English classes. Those students who had shown an aptitude for English and expressed and appetite for reading were invited to read a set of books from a selected genre for additional marks. The idea here was that since the province does not allow advanced courses in grade 9, (and has now withdrawn approval for all advanced grade 10 courses), that ARHS should still provide the opportunity and incentive for students who wished to be pushed harder than the standard course. This year we have purchased a large number of "classic" novels from a variety of genres (e.g. history, 19th century, war, mystery, coming of age, science fiction) and grouped them into packages from which the students choose. The "packages" are weighted so that each advanced reader is doing roughly equivalent work. In some cases this might mean reading 5 extra books, whereas another package might require only two books and a background film. The "reward", beyond the primary one of experiencing a large number of significant writers, is in the form of 2.5 points added to the student's mark for each semester. So, a grade nine student who chose "advanced reading" for both semesters would receive 5 points on top of the final mark achieved in the regular course. A grade 10 student, taking English for only one semester, could receive 2.5 points for a successful semester of advanced reading.

    The pool of books we will be drawing from includes well over forty titles. The books have been chosen with considerable care. The books have all received critical acclaim and have stood the test of time. Within their genre, they are, for the most part, classics. Still, we encourage you to ask your child what he or she is reading and to feel free to request changes where you find a book unsuitable. Naturally, the teachers will choose the books for this program, but we are confident that a suitable schedule of books can be devised where problems exist.

    In the past, we required a student to maintain an 80% average to be eligible for the program. This is still good advice, but in some cases students may be avid readers without, for example, being good test takers. The program is not "extra" reading - it is "advanced" reading. A student should not choose this program if it will interfere with his or her achievement in the regular program. The student who completes three semesters of advanced reading will read upward of 15 significant books. We urge you to encourage your child's participation in this program.

    Program Guidelines

    1. Recommend having an 80+ in previous English course
    2. Must discontinue if not keeping up with main course requirements
    3. Must publish one book review in Expressions
    4. Oral and/or written evaluation, as predetermined with teacher
    5. May not choose same genre twice (grade 9 through 10)
    6. Reading must be completed within the semester
    7. If completed to the satisfaction of the teacher:
    Grade 9: 2.5 points per semester added to final mark
    Grade 10: 2.5 points added to final mark

    Parental Signature


    See list of books for Advanced Reading to be found in Library at:
    Grade 9&10 Advanced Reading Titles

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